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Bouwkeuring Limburg, your personal specialist!

Building inspection

Bouwkeuring Limburg is your local specialist for carrying out a building inspection. Because the housing market is in flux and a top price is often paid for a home, it is important to have your home inspected.

A “building inspection” gives you more information about the structural condition and initially hidden defects of the home.

The property will be professionally and visually inspected. After which you also receive a complete report including a maintenance plan.

An inspection during a viewing

Nowadays you have to make many decisions during a viewing. You often don't get a chance to schedule a second viewing. The building inspection is then quickly cancelled. But it is of course important to know the structural condition of your new home.

Call BKL to check the structural condition of the house together with you during the viewing. This way the points of attention and the repair work are discussed. As a result, it will be easier to make a bid on the house.

Immediately you have a good view of the structural condition of the house and an objective eye!

However, no report will be drawn up for an inspection during a viewing.

This inspection is possible from € 200,- including VAT

Cost of regular inspection

The costs of a structural inspection carried out by bouwkeuring Limburg depend on the living space of the house.

From € 420,- including VAT up to 140 m2 of living space.

From € 450 including VAT 140 m2 to 200 m2 living space

Homes above 200 m2 are on request.

Pricing conditions

For homes up to 200m2 of living space

Canceling orders up to 24 hours in advance (calculated on working days) is no problem.

In case of cancellation within 24 hours, € 200,- incl. VAT will be charged.

If an inspection is canceled on the day of the appointment, you pay 100%, with a new order you will receive a discount of
€ 100.00.

Maximum one house number, 1 house.

Crawl space and roofs are inspected in accordance with our conditions below, and if the inspector finds no obstacles on site and of course judges the situation as safe and responsible.

Building inspections by BKL involve an assessment of the following elements:

  • Information owner, such as asbestos, VvE, vermin, technical installations
  • Construction, the roof construction and the roof boarding
  • Stairs, fences and balustrades in the house
  • Condition of any dormer window, frame, lead, but also skylights
  • All sanitary groups such as bathroom, kitchen and toilet
  • Condition and condition of the floors, walls and ceilings in the home
  • Everything related to the installations (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
  • Fire safety and ventilation in the house
  • Crawl space, floor beams and foundation
  • Roof, roof tiles, roofing, chimneys and other roof finishing
  • Gutters, overhangs and rainwater drainage
  • Facades, masonry, cladding and lintels
  • Windows, painting, glazing and window sills
  • Painting outside the home
  • Extension with everything connected to it, such as roof, frame, facade, etc.
  • Outbuildings, building, garage, external stairs, garden and others
  • A cost estimate with direct costs, term costs and improvement costs

Inspection method

I prefer to carry out the inspection in your presence. In this way you immediately get an impression of the condition of the above items, which is taken into account during the building inspection. The final inspection report then gives you much more insight into the structural condition of your new home.

A building inspection is purely visual and non-destructive. If asbestos is accidentally found during the investigation, this will of course be mentioned in the construction report. However, the inspection is not an asbestos inventory. Any hidden defects that become visible after the removal of wall finishes, trim etc. also fall outside the scope of this visual architectural inspection.

Inspection report

The final result of technical building inspections is a so-called inspection report. You will not only receive this digitally in your mailbox, but it is also available in your own home dashboard. This housing dashboard includes photos of any defects, a detailed analysis of the structural condition of the house and costs within 1 year and 5 years.

BKL's construction reports are recognized by the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) and Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen.

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